The Different Kinds of Terpenes and their Benefits

Have you ever wondered why cannabis is so aromatic and has a really different smell among other plants? Well, the oil responsible for this unique smell is called as the Terpenes. Basically terpenes are the one responsible for the taste and the smell in the different plants that we can find everywhere. Experts say that the taste and the smell of the plant differ according to what they do or what their function is. For example, those plants that taste like the earth are said to be relaxants and those who are lemony or citrusy helps in increasing a person’s energy.  Therefore, in cannabis, this is the oil responsible for the benefits that you experience from it. Cannabis is a plant used for both recreational and medical use. Cannabis is used medically now because of its psychoactive effects to people and this is all because of terpenes. 

Organic terpenes are indeed very helpful to the health of an individual. Without terpenes, cannabis will not be successful in it roles in the medical field. Since terpenes are something very useful and very helpful to human beings, there are now so many medical studies that involve the use of terpenes by extracting it from plants which is their normal source and putting it to other products to increase its benefits. But, before we dig deep on how this oil really benefits the human body, you have to know that there are different types of terpenes and all of them have different benefits. Depending on what you need or what is being prescribed to you by your physician, you should take the one that can help you.  

Here are the different terpenes including the benefits that you can gain from them. We truly hope that you are going to find this article amusing and informative on your end. This is an article made in order to help people be aware of the power of terpenes.  


You can find this type of terpenes in the herbs such as dill, pine needles, basil, parsley and rosemary. Therefore, this type of terpenes is very accessible to humans since we are using these herbs almost every day when we cook. This is the type of terpenes that helps in neutralizing the effects of THC, it can also aid in retaining memory and even oppose microbial infection which is amazing for the body.  


If you are feeling some pain or anxiety then this is the one for you. This acts as a sedative that can help you overcome any pain you are feeling or this stops you from feeling anxious in anything that you do. This is also the type that you can easily access because you can find this in lavender which is also good for sleeping.  


Are you experiencing heartburn or gastrointestinal diseases? This is the best option for you since this is the terpenes that you can find from the rind of fruits and you can also expect to find this from peppermint. 

Terpenes can definitely play a big role in the healing of a person; therefore, you should try it.  

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