Facts You Should Know About Grubs

Can you observe grubs within your yard? If yes, check out the facts about grubs from your local lawn experts to help keep your lawn from being damaged because of them. Here are the following: 

Appearance: You must know how you can identify grubs 

Grubs are the larvae of different scarab beetles, such as June bugs and Japanese beetles. Usually, these small nasties look white with black mandibles and dark redheads. Grubs are usually soft and are shaped similar to the letter “C” with their legs close to their heads. 

Lifecycle: You must know when you can find grubs 

After the winter season, grubs awaken and start to feed on tender grassroots right away once the temperatures of the ground start to become warm. Basically, they become pupae during late spring and then they change into being adult beetles. During the summer season, these adults will surface from the ground to indulge in trees, flowers, and other garden and lawn vegetation. Later on, they will be mating and they’ll lay their eggs in the ground that usually become hatched during the autumn season. Once they hatch, the new grubs will be eating as many grassroots that they can see before they start to hibernate below the ground to get ready for the winter season. As soon as the next spring arrives, their damaging life cycles will start once again. 

Warning signs: You must know what you should pay attention to 

Grubs could relatively be challenging to spot except if you would like to dig up your whole yard. But your grass provides more indicators or warning signs once it’s being infested by these dangerous pests. As soon as the mowing season starts during spring, you need to search for brown patches that won’t ever change into a green one. Lift a piece of the affected lawn carefully. Once this is due to the grubs, you can pull out the grass easily and you can see that all of the grassroots are eliminated already. 

Once you regularly water your lawn or you have an irrigation system, similarly difficult to explain dead patches during early fall and late summer can possibly be caused by an infestation of grubs. Also, an influx of animals like raccoons, skunks, moles, and birds might be an indicator that your lawn is infested with grubs because of these critters like eating grubs.  

Elimination: You must know how to remove grubs 

Grub control done during the early summer and spring will hopefully do the trick. Sadly, grubs are not easy to prevent and get rid of if the damage has been done. Hence, timing and awareness are important. Now, how do you totally remove grubs? The answer might be obvious and that is to contact a trusted company that offers a grub control program or lawn maintenance CA such as the Lawn Care Merced.  

We will make sure that you won’t be having grub problems in your yard once you avail of our lawn maintenance services. If you want more, contact us now.  

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